Listings Dashboard

The Listings Dashboard provides an overview of your product listings and their details. This guide will help you understand the various components and features of the Listings Dashboard.


The Listings Dashboard is designed to help you manage and organize your product listings effectively. Currently, only active listings are pulled into Profit Owl. We are working on more comprehensive listing management features.

Listing Details Table

The Listing Details Table lists all the active product listings along with their details. The columns in the table include:

  • Listing Image: The image of the product.
  • Title: The title of the product.
  • Link: A link to view the product listing.
  • Listing Tags: Tags associated with the product to help organize listings.
  • Notes: A field to add any notes related to the listing.
  • Internal Tags: Private tags to help you organize listings based on niche, season, holiday, etc.
  • Created Date: The date the product listing was created.
  • Shop: The name of the shop where the product is listed.

Adding Notes

You can add notes to each listing to keep track of important information or updates.

  1. Click on the Add a note field next to the listing.
  2. Type your note.
  3. Click the arrow button to save the note.

Adding Internal Tags

You can add internal tags to each listing to better organize your products.

  1. Click on the Add a tag... field next to the listing.
  2. Type your tag.
  3. Press Enter to save the tag.

Shop Selector

In the top-right corner of the dashboard, there is a Shop Selector dropdown menu. This allows you to filter the listings by a specific shop or view listings from all shops.

  • Example: Select "All Shops" to view listings from all shops.


The Listings Dashboard is a valuable tool for managing your product listings. By using the listing details table, you can efficiently organize and update your products to ensure they are presented in the best possible way.

For any additional help, don’t hesitate to visit our Help Center (opens in a new tab) or Contact Us (opens in a new tab).